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Identify and quantify your exposure to potential information security risks — and find solutions to overcome them

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First Step: Health Check

The most critical first step any organization should take is to independently evaluate its current security posture. As a trusted security partner for over two decades, Cadre offers a comprehensive suite of assessment services expressly intended to confirm that our client’s controls are working as intended. Our team of veteran engineers is keenly adept at identifying potential weaknesses and providing actionable recommendations based on industry recognized standards.

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How We Work

  • Work in tandem with clients
  • Carefully designed probes and diagnostic tests
  • Proprietary testing methodologies
  • Perform controlled evaluation of the network, servers, and applications
  • Non-disruptive to production environment
  • Review each component from a unique user or agent perspective

Compliance & Governance Assessments


Authorized PCI DSS Security Assessments

This service provides validation of compliance to the PCI Data Security Standard (DSS) for a cardholder environment, as defined by the PCI Security Standards Council. 

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PCI Self Assessment Questionnaire Assistance

This service is designed to assist you with understanding the PCI Security Standards Council’s DSS and assisting in completing the PCI Self-Assessment Questionnaire and Attestation of Compliance. 

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Security Architecture Review

A comprehensive analysis of the infrastructure, data handling requirements, administrative processes and business requirements across the enterprise to generate a gap analysis of confidentiality, availability and integrity issues.

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We "Get" Your Industry

Our engineers have the industry-specific knowledge necessary to complete audits that make sure you have the most appropriate strategies and infrastructure designs. Beyond general internal and external vulnerability assessments and penetration tests, our engineers and advisors can also address your specific compliance needs including PCI, HIPAA, and others.

From small and medium-sized business to multi-national clients, we deliver quality every time.

Security Management Assessments

security policies

Security Policies, Procedures and Practices Review

Cadre produces a gap analysis of your security policies and procedures against an appropriate matrix of required and recommended practices.

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Firewall Configuration

A comprehensive analysis of your firewall infrastructure, data handling requirements, firewall administrative processes and business requirements across your enterprise to generate a gap analysis of confidentiality, availability and integrity issues is provided.

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server configuration

Server Configuration Assessment

This assessment provides a more complete view of your servers’ security posture. Analysis of permissions, file structure, access control lists, and target profile allow recommendations for the most appropriate approach for hardening the relevant servers.

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Security Testing


Network Vulnerability Assessment

Exposed hosts, services and applications hosted within your organization’s available infrastructure are identified & assessed. The targeted network infrastructure is probed determining the existence of all responding devices and their associated services and vulnerabilities.

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application security

Application Security Testing

This is the targeted examination of your web application environment to determine security weaknesses and flaws. This testing focuses on locating faults in authentication, session management, input manipulation, output examination, and information leakage.

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penetration testing

Penetration Testing

This is a manual network enumeration phase where target hosts are identified and analyzed and the behavior of security devices such as screening routers and firewalls are analyzed.

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wireless security

Wireless Network Infrastructure Assessment

Cadre utilizes a methodology for wireless testing that provides a view of your site’s wireless security. Testing is typically performed from a number of access points, representing each logical & physical network segment.

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