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Check Point Training

Cadre is the #1 US Authorized Training Partner


Why Cadre is the Top US Check Point ATC Partner

Our courses go well beyond the standard Check Point classes with improvements such as:

24/7 access to the labs for six months, plus study guide materials and lectures essential for real-world use of the features covered in the class.

Bonus materials, including exam guidance and topics “not in the book,” allow students to explore and use R81 hands-on or any other mix of R80.10 through the current R81 version

Additional lectures to assist students in passing the Check Point exam.

State-of-the-art high-resolution digital whiteboard for online classes used for complex network diagrams.

Check Point Classes


Check Point Certified Security Administrator (CCSA)

This course covers everything you need to start-up, configure and manage the daily operations of your Check Point Security Gateway and Management Software Blades systems on the GAiA operating system.

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Check Point Security Maestro (CCME)

During this two-day training you will get theoretical and practical skills of Scalable Platform Expert.



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Check Point Certified Security Expert (CCSE)

Check Point Security Expert is an advanced course that teaches how to build, modify, deploy & troubleshoot systems on the Gaia OS.


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Check Point Certified Troubleshooting Administrator (CCTA)

This 2-day course provides an understanding of the concepts and skills necessary to troubleshoot issues that may occur when administrating the Check Point Security Management architecture and Security Gateways.

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Check Point Endpoint Specialist (CCES)

Endpoint R80 teaches essential security skills to manage daily operations of Check Point Endpoint Security.


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Check Point Certified Troubleshooting Expert (CCTE)

This 2-day course is to designed to provide advanced troubleshooting skills to investigate and resolve more complex issues that may occur while managing your Check Point Security environment.

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