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Trusted Advisor

Access to a dedicated resource for security advice on overall cyber strategy, security program development, and best practices. 


Close Your Program Gaps with Cybersecurity Guidance


Creating a risk-aligned security program in today’s environment with often limited resources is a challenge. At Cadre, we understand the gap between expectations and resources facing CISOs and other security leaders. Cadre's Trusted Advisor is your expert partner to help close those gaps.

No Cybersecurity Talent Shortage Here

Trusted Advisor extends the abilities, available time, and security knowledge base for any business. Similar to any virtual system, the service is ‘on demand’ so it can quickly scale up or down as needed to match the needs of the organization without concern of over or under utilization of personnel.

  • Bring in forces to address specific security problems or projects
  • Provide consultative program guidance and implementation advice
  • Enhance business continuity 
  • Transfer institutional knowledge
  • Optimize cybersecurity spending

Trusted Advisor Services


The Cadre Trusted Advisor program is not a single person, but a highly skilled team of security professionals and security engineers providing services including, but not limited to:


Auditing and Assessments

  • Small to large scale informal risk assessment
  • Formal Risk Assessments
  • Compliance internal and external assessments for all major frameworks as well as internal corporate standards
  • Security reputation assessments
  • External assessments, pen-testing, doubleganger checks and Wireless WIFI Heat mapping
  • Regulation and compliance readiness assessments
  • Other information system assessment and auditing processes


Incident Response Guidance

  • Guidance for dealing with future, current or past
  • “Hot Line” help through email, phone, conference or


Governance and Management of Information Security Guidance

  • Security as a business or organizational process, not just IT
  • Information Security Maturity model evaluation, improvement and dashboarding
  • Cooperation with security engineering teams on projects and planning (e.g. log analysis and SIEM)
  • Information systems operations and business resilience
  • Protection of information assets
  • Remediation guidance and confirmation for gap analyses and readiness assessments


Security Awareness Program Design

  • Security Awareness “Buy-in” programs
  • Security Awareness custom course design
  • Security Awareness metrics and evaluation
  • Security Awareness remediation programs
  • Evaluation and implementation guidance of
  • Security Awareness tools


Why Hire a Trusted Advisor

Reduce Cost

Full-time skilled security experts are pricey. Augment your security talent for a fraction of the cost.

Team Knowledge and Experience

Our team has more knowledge and overall experience than any one person is likely to achieve in their entire career. This expertise includes, but is not limited to, cybersecurity, directory services, compliance, control design/implementation, business continuity, and business practices.

Market Demand

Experts are in high demand and finding candidates is becoming more difficult every day. Industry trends predict this will continue for years to come. A  Trusted Advisor can greatly lessen the impact of CISO or security leadership time, costs, and the impact of turnover or promotion.


If you have an immediate need to ensure you are meeting compliance standards, a Trusted Advisor team will be ready to hit the ground running. Training and compliance certification of in-house CISOs can be slow, costly, and disruptive to the other duties of leadership.


Trusted Advisor services from Cadre provide experts not only when you need them, but also to the extent that you need them.

Cadre's Trusted Advisor offering is meant to be flexible in order to meet the needs of each of our clients. Engagements typically follow a cycle of assess, plan and remediate.

Whether you need high level guidance on a monthly or quarterly basis or need hands-on help several days per week, our Trusted Advisors will be able to build a solution for you.


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