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Technical Support

Rapid Diagnostic and Resolution

When you encounter a technical issue or security breach, you need to secure your network and your data – fast.

From very basic to the most complicated technical issues, Cadre's engineers work through your whole problem, not just the single point of issue. With extensive product knowledge and high-end relationships with manufacturers and other vendors, the Cadre Technical Center (CTC) is the one source you should contact for all your technical support issues. 

Single Source

Cadre engineers possess both depth and breadth in security and networking expertise, as well as a resolute focus on problem-solving. Their unique approach results in over 85% of all tickets closing on the first call for phone support customers. Unrestricted access to a single point of authority puts Cadre’s cross-trained support team at your fingertips. 

Advanced Resources

The strength of our relationships with “best of breed” network security technologies allows us to serve as your authority on the most complex information security solutions. Our state of the art lab utilizes equipment from each of our support partners. The lab environment can be used to recreate issues related to all supported products and can be reconfigured to match complex environments.


Contact Support

Phone: 513-762-6700

Support is Provided for the Following Partner:

CP support_website


Cadre Provides Phone Support For All Levels: 

  • Direct telephone and email access to highly qualified support team
  • A comprehensive lab for duplicating issues
  • Defined service level agreements that meet or beat the manufacturers' SLAs
  • On-site problem resolution services available
  • Advanced networking environment experience & knowledge
  • Dedicated coordinator for large support contracts
  • Incidental support tickets are available 24x7
  • Ticket and Vendor escalation management 

Are you ready to take your support to the next level?

Check Point PRO Support

Check Point PRO support ensures smooth operations of all IT and business needs by instantly being made aware of any and all risks. Read the Check Point PRO Brochure.


Check Point PRO Support combines security expertise and machine intelligence to monitor your management and security gateways daily and identify points of failure before they occur. When a severe issue is detected, a Check Point PRO expert proactively contacts you to help resolve the issue and prevent service downtime. Check Point PRO also provides you with a comprehensive report, delivering an overview of your overall security, diagnostics and actionable insights.

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Check Point PRO Sample Report

Check Point PRO Demo Video