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Security Risk and Compliance


The most successful information technology organizations are the ones that can align security efforts with business goals. Cadre partners with organizations at all stages of security maturity to develop governance, risk, and compliance strategies aimed at reducing risk, directing risk-based decisions, and meeting compliance requirements, all while working towards operational goals.

Full Lifecycle Support for Security Compliance & Risk Management


Risk management frameworks & assessments

Along with industry-standard risk management frameworks, Cadre has developed proprietary tools to evaluate the current security posture, identify security gaps, and assess if controls are working as intended. For customers in regulated industries, we use our assessments to ensure compliance of PCI DSS, HIPAA, and more.

Always-on assessment of IT, security, & compliance

Knowing your security gaps is half the battle. Cadre works with cyber security technology partners that continually monitor internal and third-party security posture to ensure constant compliance – and alert you to potential risks.


Technical experts for every need

Whether you need high-level guidance from a virtual CISO or hands-on technical support once you’ve selected a technology, the team at Cadre can support your needs. We’re here to help you design a security program that stands up to today’s threats and meets compliance requirements, plus deploy and tune an integrated view of risks.

Start improving your security risk & compliance with a free risk score

Independent studies have shown a direct correlation between an organization’s Cyber Risk Score and the chance that they could be breached or negatively impacted by a cyber incident. As a result, Security Ratings are widely used by insurance companies, financial services entities, and businesses to assess the cyber risk of those they work with. Do you know your Cyber Risk Score?

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