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Mobile Security


Mobile security offers peace of mind that even if a smartphone is lost, stolen, or compromised, your sensitive data will remain secure.

Mobile devices are the new office – meaning the workplace can be anywhere. Your team needs to feel confident that bring your own device (BYOD) and mobile applications won’t be the source of your next breach. Cadre guides customers through the latest offerings that won’t complicate your existing security stack to finally provide the mobile security threat detection and prevention businesses need.

Complete mobile protection

Cadre guides every step for total protection of mobile devices – all in a user-friendly way.

Network cyber security

Network protection

Work isn’t limited to the network, your protection shouldn't be either. Extend network protections end to end.

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Application protection

Say goodbye to malware infiltrating mobile devices. Detect and block the download of malicious apps in real time.

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Operating system & device protection

Gain visibility and control over attacks, vulnerabilities, configuration changes, and advanced rooting and jailbreaking.

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Wireless Network Infrastructure Assessment

Gain visibility of your site’s wireless security by testing access points, representing each logical & physical network segment.

All the mobile security technologies in one place

Unified endpoint management (UEM)

Simplify and consolidate your device management approach. UEM gives you the power to balance keeping users happy on the devices they prefer, while securing the sensitive applications and information they access and store.

Unified endpoints

Mobile device management (MDM)

Centrally automate, control, and secure administrative policies on devices connected to your organization’s network.

device management

Enterprise mobility management (EMM)

Regain control of your systems and data. In an era of BYOD, SaaS and social media, now more than ever, companies need an approach that wraps security around the data and the connection, regardless of what happens to the mobile device.

Our Mobile Security Technology Partnerships

Cadre partners with leading mobile security technology partners to meet the varying needs of our customers. Through extensive technical evaluation we choose cyber security vendors that we believe will best serve your needs.

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