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Application Security


Web apps, mobile apps, client-server apps, and others are intended to be business drivers. All too often though, applications become business disruptors -- web applications are the #1 threat vector for data breaches, and software vulnerabilities continue to be challenging to identify and fix.

Security solutions and services including application delivery controllers/web application firewalls, application development security frameworks, and application program interface management can help get you on track. Your company needs cyber security technologies that protect your applications and their data – without impeding application performance and availability.

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What is application security?

Application security helps protect users and data.  It encompasses measures taken to improve the security of an application often by finding, fixing and preventing security vulnerabilities. It has become painfully apparent that security must be incorporated earlier in the development process. Cadre can help you assess and implement “shift-left” practices and transform DevSecOps processes.


Application security assessment

Finding vulnerabilities is the first step in reducing application security risks. Through a targeted examination of your web application environment, we can determine security weaknesses and flaws. This application security testing focuses on locating faults in authentication, session management, input manipulation, output examination, and information leakage.

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Secure applications. Protect users.

Everything you need to unify people, process, and technology to deploy security strategically in the software development lifecycle (SDLC). By empowering “shift-left” practices, your organization will reduce application security defects early in the SDLC, as well as reduce the costs associated with vulnerabilities. Beyond deployment, continue with real-time application monitoring and protection for total application risk coverage.

Our Application Security Technology Partnerships

Cadre partners with leading application security technology partners to meet the varying needs of our customers. Through extensive technical evaluations we choose cyber security vendors that we believe will best serve your needs.

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