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There is no ONE single solution to security, but there is ONE source for ongoing security guidance.

Cadre Security Consultants provide a single point of contact to manage all of your information security needs. They are backed by our world class engineering team and will assist you through the decision making process, helping to identify a custom solution based on your individual requirements. Choose Cadre for comprehensive solution knowledge and tools to improve your business and IT capabilities.

Cadre’s focus, energies and talents are devoted to providing our customers with outstanding service and products, blended with customer solutions through state-of-the-art technologies. This devotion is shared by our engineering resources who stand behind your Security Consultants and help bridge the gap between business needs and a solution that meets those needs. 

Does alignment of business, organizational and technical goals seem impossible to you? NOT TO US. 

Since 1992, Cadre has been the single source for security guidance, enabling firms to focus on increasing value, efficiency, and productivity.

Our team of experienced strategists can help identify the security solutions that best suit your business needs. We take the complexity out of the network, giving you the confidence that comes from proven, measurable results.

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