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Security Awareness 

Consulting, program design, and customized trainings

One-off security training sessions don’t produce behavioral changes or reduce human risk.

If you want safer behavior in your organization, you need a continuous program designed specifically to your company’s level of knowledge, personal factors, and organizational factors.

Security Awareness is a Misnomer

Employees passing a Security Awareness test doesn’t tell you anything about their actual behavior. A gap still existing between what they know (or remember) and what they actually do. What organizations concerned with managing risk really need is a Security Behavior Program.



  • Focus on check-the-box training developed by
    people who don’t understand human psychology
  • Only complete phishing simulations
  • Confuse compliance with security
  • Bore your employees with non-interactive
    materials or sterile corporate materials
  • Start Security Awareness Trainings without an
    end-goal in place


  • Use training to inspire positive behavior change
  • Do consider the current threat landscape, technologies, and incident drivers
  • Use compliance as a starting point for
    Security Awareness Training
  • Use tailored training to help employees be
    more effective in their jobs
  • Create an end-goal before beginning any
    type of Security Awareness Program

Security Awareness

Program Design & Training Offerings

Security Awareness Program & Training

Development of an individualized Security Awareness strategy and trainings that improve your organization’s security posture.

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1-Hour Security Awareness Training

Introductory class that explains what security awareness is, why it’s an important skill, and key components like social engineering and the human element.

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Be the Security Hero of Your Company

What Makes Cadre’s Security Awareness Programs Different

Cyber Expertise & Psychology Smarts

We’ve not only been in the security game for decades, but we also understand the psychology behind how us adults learn. By joining the two we make knowledge a power for all employees.

More Than Phishing Simulations

It’s important to protect against phishing, but the threat can give organizations tunnel vision. We map the current threat landscape, needed skills organized by employees roles, and current security culture to design a program with trainings that produce measurable results.

We’ll Help You With Buy-In

Not every stakeholder or leader believes in Security Awareness Training. We can help you convince and delight them so that you can be the security hero.

Tailored Trainings

Security Awareness Training can be tailored to meet all major compliance standards including: HIPAA, PCI-DSS, GLBA, FISMA, NIST 800-53, ISO/IEC 27002, Red Flags, NERC CIP, CobiT, GDPR and U.S. State Privacy Laws.

Solve the Goals of Every Department

IT & Security

Reduce the amount of incidents and save time on investigation and remediation


Human Resources

Enhance employees' wellbeing, and instill trust and company loyalty by protecting employees’ personal information


Governance, Risk and Compliance

Mitigate the risk of the human element, which can lead to penalties, fines, and other negative business outcomes


Answers to the most pressing questions about Cadre's Security Awareness Program Design & Training 

Why should I invest in a Security Awareness Program

The reasons vary, but some of the driving factors include: growing dangers of ransomware, tightening of compliance requirements, or having experienced an attack before and being afraid of the next attack being worse.

Is the Security Awareness Training focused on phishing?

Phishing gets a lot of attention in Security Awareness, but it’s not the only focus here – although it’s often part of our programs.

Can I buy training without also investing in the strategic program design?

Yes. However, we almost always recommend beginning with Security Awareness Program Design if you want to effectively manage and measure human risk.

What if I already have already purchased training from companies such as KnowBe4?

That’s great – we love that you’ve taken steps to improve security awareness for your company. Now you can work with Cadre to put a formal plan in place to better use your investment and find awareness gaps to focus on next.

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