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Endpoint Security


Endpoint security is an unrelenting challenge. Warding off malicious actors that target every endpoint, placing controls to prevent unintentional information sharing, and predicting human error requires rightsized processes and technologies.

Now, more than ever, protecting each endpoint is critical as remote workforces grow – and, as the number of PCs, tablets, mobile phones, IoT devices and other endpoints grow even faster.

Cadre can help your organization simplify both new and old security challenges to prepare for a more connected future.

Endpoint protection

Harden your endpoints. Shrink your attack surface.



EDR Security

Endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions work to protect against the most imminent threats to endpoints such as ransomware, phishing, or drive-by malware. Modern EDR solutions remove the burden on organizations by:

  • Minimizing breach impact by automating attack detection, investigation, and remediation tasks
  • Blocking malware from web browsing or email attachments before threats can reach the endpoint
  • Protecting against new threat vectors
  • Using triage tools to assign severity and priority to alerts

Feel empowered with the Cadre advantage

Let us plan, guide, and tune your security so you can focus on your business.

Control like you’ve never had before

Uncover blind spots and shadow IT, proactively detect abnormalities against an established baseline, and have a plan on hand for what to do when attacks happen.

Confidence multiplied

No more guessing games. Full visibility and reporting will ensure you feel secure that your organization is secure. Finally, your controls are working as they are supposed to.

No more wasted time and resources

Candid guidance on what you need and what you don’t to achieve your risk appetite goals.

Prepared for tomorrow & five years from now

Expert knowledge helps you formulate what cyber security strategies and technologies you will need not only to protect for tomorrow, but to align and support organizational goals years from now.

Cyber security is always changing. Cadre is the partner that puts you in control of what comes next.



Our Endpoint Security Technology Partnerships

Cadre partners with leading endpoint security technology partners to meet the varying needs of our customers. Through extensive technical evaluation we choose cyber security vendors that we believe will best serve your needs.

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