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Cybersecurity Services

Make aspirational achievable.

Cadre meets you where you are in your cyber journey. With services from hands-on to advisory, your organization will be empowered to become stronger, faster, more innovative, and more resilient in the face of persistent and ever-changing cyber threats.

Pay for only what you need

We've designed our cybersecurity services in tiers so you only pay for what you need. Whether it's a one-time project, ongoing hands-on help, or advisory services, we've got your back.


Professional Services

Achieve projects like security and network architecture design, product implementation and tuning, and quarterly health checks.

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Trusted Advisor

Access to a dedicated resource for security advice on overall cyber strategy, security program development, and best practices.

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Experiencing a breach or security incident?

Our Rapid Diagnostic and Resolution team is at the ready to help.

Discover Your Security Gaps

Our team operates in a continual improvement loop. That means we not only advise and implement cybersecurity best practices through our professional services, but we also offer assessments services to find any security gaps in your environment. From annual penetration testing to compliance assessments, Cadre is your resource for withstanding the volatile threat landscape.

Get the adversary's blueprint to your network

Vulnerability assessments and penetration tests uncover what malicious actors can find and exploit. We help you work backwards from there to shore up your security.

Feel confident in your controls

Ensure your security details are always in tune. From firewall configuration to security policies, we get your security house in tip top shape.

Meet compliance requirements

Turn your compliance requirements into a competitive advantage by using insights to not only meet security standards, but enhance the agility of security controls and your overall business.

Match your security with modern work

Get your security on the level with modern work by assessing web application and wireless network security so that your business is protected no matter where work happens. 

Improve the Security Posture of Every Employee

Explore our Security Awareness Program Design


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