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Training Cancellation Policy

All students are obligated to follow Cadre’s standard cancellation and rescheduling policy: 

Training is to be scheduled within one year from purchase date. Should one need to reschedule a class please contact the instructor to see if you can be placed into an future class. If the student cannot be placed into a scheduled upcoming class the registration may need to be canceled. In order to cancel any student’s participation, the student must provide written notification to Cadre’s training department at least fourteen (14) business days for onsite custom Cadre training, at least (7) business days in advance of the course date for all other types of training. 

Cancellations failing to meet that deadline, and which occur within seven (7) business days of the class will still be charged for 25% of the course tuition, and within three (3) days, 50% of the course tuition. No-shows or cancellations on the day of or day prior to the course are subject to the full course tuition. Students that reschedule are responsible for the purchase of new courseware due to any courseware Feature Pack releases that occur prior to the rescheduled date of the missed class.

Cadre’s Cancellation Policy: 

Cadre reserves the right to cancel or postpone a scheduled training based on minimum attendance requirements.  Whenever possible, Cadre will give a least two (2) weeks notice if a class must be cancelled or rescheduled.  In the unlikely event of a cancelled class, payments to date will be refunded or credited to a future class.  If rescheduled dates are not suitable, Cadre’s liability shall be limited to a refund of the tuition fees paid for the affected course.  

Please Contact Us with direct questions regarding Cadre Training.