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Professional Services

Unauthorized intrusions create serious problems for your business. To avoid unwanted intrusions, Cadre offers comprehensive and expert analysis, sophisticated architecture and design guidance, and state-of-the-art engineering solutions. Our highly qualified engineering team boasts an average of 13+ years of industry experience in network design, security and application architecture, and solution deployments.

Combined with Cadre's Assessment Services and Knowledge Services, your organization can guarantee the most reliable and trusted security policies, procedures and controls residing on optimal infrastructure are in place to best protect your information.

Design, Build & Optimize

A Helping Hand in Developing Your Security Technologies

Feel confident in your security investment from the day it is implemented and for years to come with our services:

  • Security Solution Implementation

  • Security Policy Configuration Development and Review

  • Security and Network Architecture Design

  • Security and Compliance Planning

  • Quarterly Configuration Health Checks

  • Product Customizations

  • Security and Product Tuning Services
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Move faster. Accomplish more efficiently. 

Security Solution Implementation Services

Implementing a security system requires a defined, comprehensive process for installation and configuration that is both repeatable and measurable. Having performed thousands of installations, Cadre has developed a plan that simplifies the process and allows for faster, more efficient implementation and integration.

Cadre's veteran engineers utilize a three-phase approach that reviews and documents your existing security network, establishes a plan to install, configure and test the new system, and follows up after installation to confirm network security and ensure that the end users are completely satisfied. 

Implementation and Integration Planning

  • Site Assessment - review current security policies, network architecture, business and project goals, and solution requirements
  • Review Statement of Work - establish a common understanding of the project and ensure the scope of the project is still adequate to meet your needs
  • Develop Implementation and Integration Plan - based on your environment's size, complexities, solution requirements and your needs
  • Design Validation and Testing Plan — ensures success of the overall project
  • Create Project Schedule — allows for seamless team work with your resources

On-Site Implementation and Integration

  • Execute the Implementation and Integration Plan - install, configure, and integrate the solution according to the Implementation and Integration Plan
  • Technical Knowledge Transfer - Cadre security engineers work with you to provide valuable hands-on experience and knowledge with the new solution as it is implemented and integrated into your environment
  • Perform Validation and Testing — ensure the new solution is performing properly to meet your needs and solutions requirements
  • Implementation and Integration Troubleshooting - resolve any open issue identified during the validation and testing

Post Implementation and Integration

  • Prepare Custom Document - document all changes and special configuration modifications performed during the project
  • Recommendations - present all recommendations for enhancing the security and functionality of the implemented and integrated solution
  • Technical Follow-up - review completed work and answer any outstanding questions about the new solution
  • Satisfaction survey - ensures that you are 100% satisfied

Our elite team of cybersecurity veterans are lifelong learners.

These certifications represent a fraction of our cybersecurity engineers' accomplishments. When working with Cadre, your organization will be backed by unmatched knowledge.


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