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Hitachi Vantara Storage Services

Gain access to services across storage, analytics, data management and protection, IoT and more.


Ultimate Storage Management Flexibility

One of the largest and most recognizable components of Hitachi Vantara’s product portfolio is its Virtual Storage Platform (VSP). By using all-flash NVMe enterprise storage technology, VSP essentially future-proofs your storage needs, while also offering flexible and predictable pricing options. The midrange portfolio — including the all-flash VSP F series, the hybrid flash VSP G series, and the latest addition of the all-NVMe VSP E Series – allows mid-sized organizations enterprise-class storage at a mid-market price point.

Hitachi’s cutting-edge IT technologies such as the enterprise-grade VSP E Series, were built specifically with small and medium-sized businesses in mind. We provide certified engineers for design, integration and implementation services to help maximize benefits to your organization. We have also expanded our professional services resources for the Hitachi NAS Platform (HNAS), including upgrade services, as demand continues to grow.


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