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Your Guide to Maximizing Check Point ROI

ROI Screenshot ImageThe cybersecurity industry is hurtling towards the trillion-dollar mark, and in 2021 alone, the cybersecurity market is predicted to grow by 10%. Despite the stratospheric growth, 2020 was marked by a record number of incidents, including the now-infamous SolarWinds attack.

When developing a cybersecurity strategy, more investment does not necessarily equate to greater protection. It's about spending where it counts and maximizing the value of your cybersecurity budget.

Check Point has recently updated their Infinity portfolio of 80 products and technologies into three main pillars: Harmony, CloudGuard, and Quantum, with Infinity-Vision as their foundation to become inherently ROI-focused. In this guide we will review:

  • Need-to-know Check Point updates
  • Steps to maximizing your Check Point ROI
  • Best practices for the lifecycle of Check Point products from planning to support