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Mike Peterson

Enterprise Account Manager

Mike Peterson joined the Cadre team as an enterprise account manager July 2019. He joins Cadre with 20 years of consulting experience in the Information Technology and Cybersecurity industry. He has client relationships that have remained over the span of his 20 years of sales, and prides himself on his integrity and commitments to his clients. Mike enjoys bringing solutions to clients that help solve their cybersecurity needs, staying steps ahead of the bad guys.

Mike enjoys working for Cadre because of the family atmosphere and the shared goal of helping clients secure their data.

Mike is covering West Michigan as well as North Eastern Indiana for the enterprise team. Mike and his wife Cathy have two children and reside in Grand Haven, MI. In his spare time Mike enjoys the outdoors: golfing, pheasant hunting, fishing, hiking as well as spending time with his family going to concerts and listening to local musicians.

Mike's Best Piece of Cyber Security Advice: 

“Educating your employees in security awareness is an important factor that is often overlooked in creating a successful cybersecurity program.”

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