C Loughner
Chris Loughner
Enterprise Sales Consultant


Chris is an Enterprise Sales Consultant for Cadre Information Security who works closely with organizations in Pennsylvania and West Virginia to enhance their security posture and reduce risk.

For the last 10 years, Chris has partnered with  companies from all vertical markets to assess their security landscape, explore multiple vendor solutions, and recommend best security practices.

Chris has learned that the most effective engagement with a client is at the start of an initiative.  Here all of the resources and tools Cadre offers can be best utilized and provide real value.  He understands security is a process and needs to be directed on an on-going basis.

Why he likes working for Cadre:

Chris will tell you there are three reasons.  One the people at Cadre are all focused on our customers and their success.  From management to engineering to sales and support, they are all driving to ensure the project is completed as promised.  Second Cadre is the right size security partner in that they are big enough to ensure quality products and support but small enough to be able to make decisions in timely fashion keep projects moving forward.  Lastly the relationships with individuals that have been built with many organizations have been wonderful.  They create an atmosphere of conversation and learning with our peers.

Fun facts about Chris:

He is a collector of vintage stereo’s.  His father got him his first receiver early on and he has been hooked since.  See pics then and now.  Gotta love the 70”s.

He is intrigued by everything NASA and enjoys learning new discoveries.  His wife said,  “you’re going to tell them?, “I like Space…” 

Chris's Best Piece of Cyber Security Advice: 

"The IT Security role in today’s enterprise is changing.  Reacting to a specific security concern with a pillared solution does not provide the connectivity or insight needed to react and manage threats.  IT Security is moving into the C suite and is top of mind.  We need to look at security through the eyes of the business and integrate with its initiatives not just align.  We need to understand and reduce risk for the business and remain relevant.  We need to stop following the business and start leading it."

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