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SecurityScorecard helps enterprises gain operational command of their security posture and the security posture of their third-parties through continuous, non-intrusive monitoring. The company’s approach to security focuses on identifying vulnerabilities from an outside perspective, the same way a hacker would. SecurityScorecard’s proprietary SaaS platform offers an unmatched breadth and depth of critical data points including a broad range of risk categories such as Application Security, Malware, Patching Cadence, Network Security, Hacker Chatter, Social Engineering, and Leaked Information.

Areas of Focus 

Cyber Risk

Five Steps to a Modern Cyber Risk Management Team in 2020
New threats are constantly emerging and the number of cyber attack victims is growing every year. Download this eBook to learn more.
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Enabling every company in the world to understand cybersecurity risk
Read this data sheet to learn how SecurityScorecard's cybersecurity ratings solution can benefit you.
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Machine Learning

Applying Machine Learning to Optimize the Correlation of SecurityScorecard Scores with Relative Likelihood of Breach
In this whitepaper, we will discuss the breach likelihood study of how Machine Learning (ML) optimizes their grades with relatively likelihood of a breach.
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Breach Likelihood & Machine Learning
Download this data sheet to learn why companies with an F rating are 7.7x more likely to incur a breach when compared to companies with an A.
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Security Ratings

With research featured by Forrester, the role of security ratings, or ecosystem risk management tool is expanding beyond the traditional vendor risk management use case to include self assessment. 
The Expanding Role of Security Ratings

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