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An email security gateway monitors emails being sent to an organization for unwanted content, and it prevents these messages from being delivered. Most email security gateways also offer similar monitoring capabilities for outbound emails. Unwanted content in email messages includes malware, phishing attacks and spam.

Axway Software is an information technology company that provides software tools for enterprise software and web API management.

Cyber Security and Malware Protection

Purpose-built and ready to protect, Forcepoint is driven by an understanding of human behavior and intent

Provides cloud cybersecurity services for email, data, and web.

Proofpoint is a cybersecurity platform aimed to protect workers and data from advanced cybersecurity criminals that target email, social media and mobile devices.

Security Made Simple- Manage End Users from Anywhere

Broadcom’s Symantec Enterprise Division is the global leader in cyber security

Enterprise Cyber Security Solutions

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