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Microsoft 365 Security Solutions 

What can I really do with them?


BV_365 Security Solutions 

Microsoft is on a journey to help security professionals stay ahead of attackers while simultaneously reducing operations complexity and simplifying compliance reporting.

We will be discussing how they have made this possible with a solution that integrates SIEM with a number of their extended detection and response (XDR) tools. If you are a customer of Microsoft at any level, mid migration to the cloud, or fully embedded on Azure Active Directory, you’re invited to join our experts as they discuss how Microsoft-powered security solutions can make sense for you.

Watch this on-demand webinar as BlueVoyant’s Director of Microsoft Security Solutions, Micah Heaton, as he discusses the Microsoft 365 security journey. He will explore how to accelerate internal adoption timelines for protecting user identity, devices, and data, and discuss some of the implementation use cases and real results we’ve all seen with customers.


Micah Heaton_presenter Micah Heaton, BlueVoyant’s Director of Microsoft Security Solutions