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Hardening Enterprise Security Posture and Improving Compliance While Adopting Public and Hybrid Cloud


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As you adopt hybrid and public cloud platforms, you are faced with many security decisions from compliance to policy enforcement.
See how taking different approaches can impact security vulnerability scanning, protecting containers, IPAM, and instrumenting logging in a modern cloud environment.
Watch this on-demand webinar as Cadre, powered by CloudLogic, dives into hardening your security posture and improving compliance while adopting public and hybrid cloud.  

The Speakers

Etienne Gadient is a Managing Partner at CloudLogic. A Founder, responsible for the cloud consulting practice. Etienne is also a Senior Director of the Cloud and Strategy practice, called Hybrid Data Center, at a $1B technology reseller.  He has won 3 consecutive Forbes Best of Awards for Management Consulting and delivered the largest integrated public/private cloud in company's history for a top 5 bank, scalable to 150,000 VM's in three different regions with fully active-active capabilities.  Eitenne had designed and managed a full workflow and repository application for the business to support major programs exceeding 20K tasks with over 100 contributors.  He holds professional level certifications for Google Cloud in Data Engineering (Big Data, AI, NoSQL, EDW data pipelines) and Solutions Architecture (Infrastructure).

Aaron Cox has enjoyed a wide breadth of opportunities both in Enterprise IT and Consulting. His experience helps him bring a unique view to his work. Aaron has worked with some of the world’s largest IT organizations and guided them through difficult transformations. In addition, Aaron has held roles in Engineering, Enterprise Architecture, Security and Project Management. He spent several years managing an industry leading migration & transformation consulting practice for a billion-dollar systems integrator. Most recently he is a Managing Partner with CloudLogic where he is focused on leading clients through Cloud Transformation and Optimization. Aaron holds multiple certifications in project management, security, and cloud.