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Defense-in-Depth Strategies for Ransomware Threats 

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Watch this on-demand webinar as Jonathan Echavarria, Enterprise Architect at ReliaQuest, presented “Defense-in-Depth Strategies for Ransomware Threats.” Ransomware advice has gone largely unchanged. You should patch in a timely manner, use MFA, and educate users on phishing -- but does this still ring true today? The landscape is vastly different with ransomware-as-a-service and nation states in the ransomware business -- and protection needs to evolve with the changing threats.

Unlike other ransomware webinars, we looked deeper -- first mapping out the current ransomware landscape and then explaining 2023 best practices to counter the threat.

By the end of this webinar you will have a better understanding of: 

  • 2023 ransomware landscape

  • Why you need an "assume breach mindset"

  • Best practices for defense-in-depth for the current climate

  • How to achieve a state where you can trace entire interactions to find breaches

  • Commodity tools that leading threat actors use

  • How your MDR needs to adapt to be successful in the current ransomware climate

The Speaker

J Echavarria-1Jonathan Echavarria serves as an Enterprise Architect at ReliaQuest, utilizing his extensive experience to harmonize business strategies with technological advancements. Prior to this role, Jonathan worked as an Offensive Security Engineer at Facebook, where he executed numerous offensive operations aimed at improving the company's security infrastructure. Before joining Facebook, he held multiple roles at ReliaQuest with diverse responsibilities, including – but not limited to – penetration testing, red teaming, enabling security operations, DevOps and automation, conducting malware analysis, and devising security architecture solutions. A renowned speaker, Jonathan has shared his insights on topics such as cybercrime, state-sponsored operations, and advanced threat protection at several conferences.