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Cadre Information Security Announces Partnership with Cybereason to Protect Joint Organizations from Cyber Attacks 

CINCINNATI, OH – January 10, 2022 - Cadre Information Security, a leading security consulting company and solutions aggregator, today announced that it has inked an alliance with Cybereason to help organizations better prevent, detect, and respond to cyber threats.       

Leveraging a combination of services and solutions, including incident response capabilities, this alliance will improve the overall security posture for customers to prevent cyber attacks from materializing into business disrupting breaches. 

Tactics malicious actors use are constantly evolving. Defense now must also adapt to counter the new tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs). By bringing Cybereason into the Cadre partner ecosystem, customers will have access to the company’s proven ability to focus on those TTPs and understanding of how malicious actors operate in order to identify and stop malicious efforts. 

Together with Cadre’s team of seasoned security experts and extensive technical proficiency, cyber security planning and tuning, the partnership will allow customers to better assess, map, and improve security capabilities. 

“Cadre’s team of trusted security advisors assist organizations in enhancing their security posture and developing new proactive security capabilities to stop threats before they turn into material losses for companies,” said Abigail Maines, Vice President Channel and Commercial Sales, North America, Cybereason. “Cybereason’s AI-driven XDR platform paints one unified story of an attack while predicting and preventing tomorrow’s threats.”  

“As a trusted advisor for over two decades, we have always operated by first finding critical insights to make data-driven decisions. By doing so, we’ve helped countless clients align their cyber security strategies with overarching business goals. In today’s uncertain threat climate, we work relentlessly to sow cyber resilience into every landscape so that our customers are prepared for the ever-evolving threats,” said Sandra Laney, President, CEO & Chairman of Cadre Information Security. 

“We believe the alliance with Cybereason will further our goals to provide customers with future-proof security through world-class threat analysis, investigation, and response at scale.” 

About Cadre Information Security  

Data and network security is a critical element for any business, but it is not enough to win. To win, cybersecurity must be viewed through the prism of business process management, align with capabilities and core competencies of the business and be optimized to minimize or eliminate the friction. For more than 25 years, Cadre Information Security enables operationally obsessed, mid-market companies to lower their costs, gain more control and increase the velocity and impact of the efforts. For more information about Cadre Information Security, visit cadre.net.