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Cadre Information Security Announces Partnership with CloudLogic

CINCINNATI, OH – May 8, 2020 - Cadre Information Security, the leading provider of information security solutions, today announced that it has formed a partnership with CloudLogic, the modern consulting firm focused on cloud enablement, transformation, optimization, migration and IT strategy. 

Cadre and CloudLogic bring complementary skills and experiences to this partnership. CloudLogic's expertise is rooted in systems infrastructure consulting; and Cadre in network, systems and information security. Together, the companies will work together to ensure that their client’s path to the cloud is not only planned and executed properly but also secured in the process. 

"Our goal is to provide a consultative approach to enabling and optimizing a client’s infrastructure whether traditional on premise, hybrid, in the cloud, or a combination thereof and combined with the strategic partnership with Cadre, we are able to leverage their best in class offering to ensure that clients have the protection necessary to secure their business from attacks and malicious behavior” says Aaron Cox, Managing Partner and co-founder of CloudLogic. 

"Partnering with CloudLogic allows us to provide our customers a comprehensive suite of services to address the changing needs of today's IT organizations” says Sandra Laney, Cadre President, CEO & Chairman. “We look forward to leveraging their expertise to further our efforts and leadership in securing workloads that our customers are moving to cloud infrastructure environments. This partnership allows Cadre to focus on securing the environment as CloudLogic builds the infrastructure.”

About CloudLogic 
CloudLogic was founded by industry recognized proven leaders with the vision to create a comprehensive suite of services to address the changing needs of today’s IT organizations as they balance traditional and cloud environments. CloudLogic helps envision and bring to life solutions to support clients when they have opportunities, challenges and events in their business. Cloud and hybrid data center strategy, transformation and migration are core to their business. 
About Cadre Information Security 
Data and network security is a critical element for any business, but it is not enough to win. To win, cybersecurity must be viewed through the prism of business process management, align with capabilities and core competencies of the business and be optimized to minimize or eliminate the friction. For more than 25 years, Cadre Information Security enables operationally obsessed, mid-market companies to lower their costs, gain more control and increase the velocity and impact of the efforts.