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Answers to the Top 5 Security Questions CISOs Ask Us

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Answers to the Top 5 Security Questions CISOs Ask Us 

Ransomware and other malicious techniques have been targeting companies that would have been beneath the notice of cybercriminals even a few years ago. That’s because cybercrime is poised to overtake drug trafficking in terms of profitability and scope—and it’s usually easier to break into your company instead of a giant corporation.  
Not only will we share the top 5 security questions we get from CEOs, we’ll share our answers. You’ll walk away with ideas you can implement to protect your company. 
In this on-demand webinar, you will learn about… 
  • Predicted developments in cybercrime over the next decade 
  • Top cyber risks facing your company 
  • The real cause of most data breaches 
  • The #1 thing most companies get wrong 
  • And our thoughts on solutions for all these issues!

The Speakers 

Tim O’Connor works for Cadre Information Security as the lead of knowledge services and vCISO team member. He is a professional public speaker, has been working in IT for 20+ years and holds a number of certifications including CISSP, CTT+, MCSE, CISSO, CWNE, Security+ and CISSM. Tim has authored over a dozen books, has written for a number of publications and is certified as a commercial rotorcraft pilot and flight instructor. His principle hobbies include antique motorcycles, astrophotography, mentalism and doing science outreach. 
Greg Franseth is the Director of Professional Services at Cadre Information Security. He has over 25 years experience in Information Technology, primarily in the Health Care and Research spaces. Greg is an ITIL Expert with leadership roles in Disaster Recovery programs, Federal Controls management and HIPAA compliance. At Cadre, Greg oversees the programs for product support, security assessments, security training and field engineering.