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Introduction to PKI

Course Overview

This one-day course gives a broad but complete and thorough overview of all of the aspects of Certificate Services that every information worker and manager of information workers should know.

PKI technologies and architectures are often considered difficult topics to learn and grasp well. This class uses adult learning techniques and scenario-based lessons to make PKI a fun and easy topic to learn and understand well.

Why Cadre? 

Our training service offers customized agendas, convenient registration and flexible training schedules to meet your needs. Cadre’s onsite and remote training options provide you the option to take the course remotely from your home or office.

Additionally, the certified instructors are available for post-training questions. With our modern mobile classroom, we can bring training to you.

Duration: 1 day (7-8 hours)

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Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Understand the importance, use and architecture of single and two key technologies
  • Recognize the underlying technology of PKI that is implemented in almost all new IT systems
  • Become proficient in high level analysis of any system that relies on certificate services
  • Understand and implement secure methods of authentication through the use of good PKI policies
  • Effectively plan trust and certificate systems in your organization
  • Understand how to plan the best recovery systems for data and certificates
  • Be able to judge the best use of private and public trust systems
  • Know the basics of Active Directory Certificate Services
  • Understand the use of claims and SSO in cloud systems
Course Agenda

Lesson 1:  Framework

  • What is PKI and why would we care?
  • What is x.500 and why would we care?
  • Using Hashes in everyday life.

Lesson 2:  Scenario Learning PKI

  • Learning PKI the easy way, scenario 1 browsers the web and an evil hacker
  • Learning PKI the easy way, scenario 2 Big Company and Little Company
  • Learning PKI the easy way, scenario 3 Digital Signing and the disgruntled employee

Lesson 3:  Configuring a basic PKI architecture

  • The most trusted CA
  • Managing certificates, templates and CRLs
  • The value of X.509

Lesson 4:  Configuring a medium to large PKI architecture

  • The offline root and HSMs
  • Building a trust chain
  • Active Directory, X.500 and GPOs

Lesson 5:  Key and certificate management long term

  • Data recovery (DRA)
  • Key recovery (KRA)
  • CA recovery and retirement
  • CRL Management
  • What are wildcards?
  • Use of signed and unsigned certificates
  • How certificates are used with federated systems and other SSO designs
  • How certificates can be used with claims-based authentication and authorization
Our Instructor
Tim O'Connor, CISO & Manager of Knowledge Services

Tim O’Connor is Cadre's CISO & Manager of Knowledge Services and vCISO team member. He is a professional public speaker, has been working in IT for 20+ years and holds a number of certifications including PCI-QSA, CISA, CISSP, CTT+, MCSE, CISSO, CWNE, Security+ and CISSM. Tim has authored over a dozen books, has written for a number of publications and is certified as a commercial rotorcraft pilot and flight instructor. His principle hobbies include antique motorcycles, astrophotography, mentalism, and doing science outreach.

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