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Cloud Security


Cloud is synonymous with the future of business. Whether your assets are already in the cloud or you are planning a cloud migration, to make the most of your cloud investment and grow your business, mitigating risks with cloud security must be a top priority.

With Cadre, no matter where you are in your cloud security journey, our team will help you through identifying gaps, meeting technical requirements, and defending your entire cloud ecosystem.

Cloud Security Your Way

Cadre’s flexible engagement model means that our team of experts does whatever it takes to meet you where you are in your cloud adoption journey. Whether you are deploying on-premises, native, or hybrid cloud security, our team is here to help you and support:



Visibility & Compliance

Gain ongoing insight into your entire cloud environment

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Network cyber security

Network Protections

Discover technology partners to protect your cloud investment

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Cloud Computing Training

Introduce IT workers to key concepts in cloud computing

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Cloud Security - Circle

Cyber security technologies for the cloud

As the popularity of cloud has skyrocketed, cyber security providers have produced new, sophisticated ways to protect cloud workloads. At Cadre, we are always focused on bringing the latest and most innovative security solutions to our customers.


Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

Safely use the cloud, while protecting sensitive data. Extend the reach of your security policies from existing on-premises infrastructure to the cloud and create new cloud-specific policies.


Cloud Workload & Protection Monitoring

Gain visibility into multiple environments while consolidating and acting on security alerts from a single dashboard to get ahead of security events and prevent intrusions.

Our Cloud Security Technology Partnerships

Cadre partners with leading cloud security technology partners to meet the varying needs of our customers. Through extensive technical evaluation we choose cyber security vendors that we believe will best serve your needs.

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