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The Cadre Difference

The security maturity journey never ends. Cadre helps you stay out in front.

We've been working side by side with leading cybersecurity vendors since their earliest days. Over our decades of experience, we have evolved with the industry to be what our customers need most -- a connector. Known for solving complex challenges for our customers, we always start by listening and understanding before rolling up our sleeves to find solutions that meet the mark.

Cadre is the resource you want on your dream team.

Single pane of glass, Zero Trust, frictionless -- vendor pitches can be daunting, and don't focus on how solutions can work in harmony with others. Tool sprawl is a real concern for most. That's why we help you not only identify needed solutions but also focus on how operating that tool will work in your real-life environment.

And because cybersecurity is now such an important part of the business, we go beyond tech to support you through hands-on help, training, and adjunct services so you can answer questions like -- how can we ramp up quickly and maximize ROI with this solution? -- when business leaders ask.

We're the resource you can count on.

One thing we consistently hear from customers is their shock and delight that they can always reach a human (they know) for help and that person knows them. Cadre doesn't do business transactions, we build relationships.

That's Cadre.

We continue to set the bar for delivering value, and it shows. Loyal customers don't just happen, they are earned. How can we be the resource that you're looking for?

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trusted by leading cyber brands

Check Point Platinum Elite Partner

Cadre is an Authorized Training Partner for Check Point and offers training courses onsite, remotely, and via a mobile classroom. 



In the world of security technology, over two and a half decades of experience makes Cadre a true pioneer in the business. Back in late 1991, when Cadre began, very few people were talking about network security when Cadre. By most accounts, the first firewall was invented a year later, in 1992. 

The team of software developers who formed Cadre began to branch out into data security quickly. They recognized the risk potential for companies, a threat that many organizations had yet to understand entirely. Their early discussions began by explaining what a firewall does and, more often, backtracked to how a network functions behind the desktop. And in 1996, inspired by the opportunity to stand at the forefront of a breakthrough in the technology industry, Cadre entered the security arena.

Shortly thereafter, we were offering support services for the earliest and most well-known names in security, including Check Point, CacheFlow (later acquired by Blue Coat Systems), and Ipsilon (later acquired by Nokia). For over a year during that time, we offered Check Point support even before Check Point did.

Today, we are a solidly run organization, with a 64% growth in net worth per annum since the appointment of the former CEO and Chairman, Sandra Laney, in 2001. At that time, we became an employee-owned -- a foundation for the model of management that has allowed us to grow faster and more profitably than conventionally run competitors. 

Around 2012, we were selected as Check Point Platinum Partner of the Year and Blue Coat Partner of the Year.  Awards from various manufacturing partners have elevated the Cadre brand to a national level and positioned us alongside a very select group of solution providers. 

We believed in security before it became headline news. Back then and today, everything we do is geared toward serving that belief -- the security guidance we offer, the technical expertise we provide, and our commitment to best-of-breed technology. As security evolves, so too does Cadre. Navigating the landscape to serve as our clients' trusted advisors for decades to come. 


Work at Cadre

Our most valuable asset is our people. We believe in recognizing our employees’ contributions and encourage career growth. If you have a passion for information security and are interested in working for an industry leader that offers a full range of security products, services and solutions to solve client needs, we want to hear from you!

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Leadership Team


Geoff Laney
President, CEO & Chairman


Tim O'Connor
CISO & Manager of Knowledge Services


Jon Roberto
Officer & Assistant Vice President, Sales — Southern Ohio


Michael Benzinger
Officer & Assistant Vice President, Director of Engineering


Mike Finke
Chief Financial Officer

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