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Check Point Certified Security Administrator R81 Course

Tuesday, September 24, 2024 - Thursday, September 29, 2024

Today, managing security is a complex endeavor.  The key to managing this complexity is through security consolidation - bringing all security protections and functions under one umbrella. With R81 management, security consolidation is fully realized. This three-day course covers everything you need to start-up. 

Also, our courses go well beyond the standard Check Point classes with improvements such as exam guidance, topics “not in the book” and bonus materials that allow students to explore and use R81.x hands-on or any other mix of R80.10 through the current R81 version. 

This course will help you prepare for the CCSA exam #156-218.81.

Registration Open Until Thursday, September 19, 2024 12:00 PM (ET)


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