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2019 Security Report: Cyber Attack Trends Analysis

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8 Steps to Prevent the next Data Breach

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Simplifying the Business of Security

For over two decades, Cadre Information Security has been the single source for security guidance, enabling our clients to focus on increasing value, efficiency and productivity. We take the complexity out of the network, giving you the confidence that comes from security that supports and evolves with your business goals. 

Every person in the company is committed to doing whatever it takes to understand your information security needs and develop the best systems and solutions for your organization. We invest the right amount of time, energy and money in training, education, certification and technologies to make sure your needs are met before, during and after your solution is implemented. Around the corner or around the globe, our service extends beyond our technical capabilities.

The strength of our relationships with “best of breed” network security technologies allows us to serve as your authority on the most complex information security solutions.

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Solutions for your unique security needs. 

Our talented team of security experts deliver tailored and unique solutions to help secure your business.

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Training and Certifications

Our customized courses help you expand your product knowledge and validate your expertise. Our instructor-led courses provide hands-on learning, in-class demonstrations and constructive feedback.


The most critical first step any organization should take is to independently evaluate its current security posture. As a trusted security partner for over two decades, Cadre offers a comprehensive suite of assessment services.

Managed Security Services

Our engineers will take the burden off your team with comprehensive IT security support.


To avoid unwanted intrusions Cadre offers comprehensive and expert analysis that yields the most appropriate strategies and infrastructure design to manage your information security. 

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