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At Cadre, our entire business is based on making sure your information is secure.

The failure to align your digital security efforts with your business strategy, desired outcomes and employee experiences creates a fissure in your organization that exposes you to hidden risks - which can’t always be identified, measured or eliminated -  through the creation of Shadow IT, Application Anarchy and more.

We enable organizations to mitigate that risk, align security with their strategy to achieve their desired outcomes with less friction.


The Real Cost of Network & Data Security

The network and data security space changes at an exponentially increasing pace. As new and more powerful technologies emerge, new and more powerful ways to “attack” spring up. As a result, the complexity of managing the overall ecosystem increases as well. The failure to understand and proactively manage the data & network security ecosystem is materially damaging your cost structure. Legacy approaches either leave the business open to unnecessary and costly risk or create disruption and heightened complexity reducing the efficiency of the business.

Network architecture, design and security - while it’s never the reason a business succeeds, it’s a major component of the ability to compete and any flaw in the strategy or its execution can be a major contributor to failure.  

The Cadre Advantage: Network & Data Security Designed For Business

Properly addressing the network and data security issue requires a security ecosystem mindset that is designed and tailored to the business’ unique situation. Building such a platform requires the integration of three critical factors:

  • First and foremost, the solution must align with its critical business success drivers

  • Next, there must be a conflict-free, objective, and deep understanding of the product and application marketplace

  • Lastly, this must be combined with a strong systems design and management approach to ensure the systems do what they’re supposed to do, in the way they’re supposed to do it

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