Cadre's expert services include one-to-one engagement with our Client Services Team, at no additional cost to you. Together with your Security Consultant, your Client Services Specialist will work with and for you to ensure all orders are processed in a timely and efficient manner, throughout all stage of the product lifecycle.

Cadre's Client Services Team serves to promote customer advocacy through end-to-end support of the order process, from the initial submission to shipment tracking to your dock or doorstep. We understand the order requirements for each vendor solution you deploy, that's why we offer the attention to detail, managed execution, and regular oversight needed to deliver long term value for your security investment.

The Client Services Team is proud to offer:

Client Advocacy

Our specialists are dedicated to your success by addressing your specific solution needs, monitoring and optimizing your asset utilization, and reducing your long term license costs.

Order Management

We maintain the highest levels of customer satisfaction through open communication of open and closed order status, reviewing all deliverables throughout the project lifecycle to ensure fulfillment, quality and requirement.

Asset Tracking & Contract Management

Contract Management of IT assets is an integral function of the Cadre Client Services team. We recognize the critical role inventory accuracy plays in efficient management of support contracts. As your inventory changes over time, your specialist will work hand in hand with you to ensure proper coverage, answering any questions you may have regarding existing/future support plans or asset tracking.

Contract Renewal & Co-Termination

Our team works diligently to provide you with ample advanced notice of contract expirations, and equip you with the tools you need for renewals. We involve all relevant stakeholders to ensure there is no lapse in coverage and can recommend and implement a contract consolidation plan that meets your needs.