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Managed Services

Making Your Environment More Secure with Higher Performance

Maintaining and upgrading a security system requires a defined, comprehensive process for updating and implementing that is both repeatable and measurable. Having worked in thousands of environments, Cadre has developed strategies that simplify these processes and allows for faster, more efficient, and maximum security. 

Our Engineers will take the Burden off Your Team

Let your organization benefit from the most reliable and trusted security policies, procedures and controls to best protect your information.

Leverage the Expertise at Cadre

You Can Expect:
  • Expert security engineers
  • Best-of-breed security vendor certs
  • Comprehensive analysis, documentation and recommendations
  • Health and performance review of devices serviced
  • Strategic planning
  • Secure network design
  • Integrate with any change control protocol
  • Security policy development
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Our Levels

With our managed services team on your side, we provide several hassle-free options for your business.
Managed Services Levels.

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