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Intelligence to Help you Stay Ahead of Security Threats

2 Million IoT Devices Vulnerable to Complete Takeover

Over 2 million IP security cameras, baby monitors and smart doorbells have serious vulnerabilities that could enable an attacker to hijack the devices and spy on their owners - and there's currently no known patch for the shared flaws. The attack...Click to read

$1.75 Million Stolen by Crooks in Church BEC Attack

Hackers have stolen $1.75 million from the Saint Ambrose Catholic Parish following a successful BEC (Business Email Compromise) attack which was discovered on April 17 after payments related to the church's Vision 2020 project were not received by a...Click to read

Crooks Build Fake Hack Tools and Game Cheats for Profit

Knowing that many people want to get something for nothing, a common tactic is for attackers to create fake hack tools or cheats for popular games and sites. While users think they are using these tools to hack sites and games to earn free likes,...Click to read

Botnet of Over 100K Devices Used to DDoS Electrum Servers

The malicious actors behind the DDoS attacks against Electrum Bitcoin wallet users have switched to a new malware loader for their botnet Trojan, after previously using the Smoke Loader tool and the RIG exploit kit. Since the attacks targeting...Click to read

Docker Hub breach exposes 19,000 usernames and passwords

Containerisation outfit Docker has fessed up to a breach of its Hub database that exposed the personal information of approximately 190,000 users. Docker Hub is the default cloud-based registry where Docker implementations look for images and it is...Click to read

Unprotected Database Stored Information on 80 Million U.S. Households

Researchers have stumbled upon an unprotected database storing information on the individuals living in roughly 80 million households in the United States. Noam Rotem and Ran Locar of vpnMentor came across the database as part of what the company...Click to read

Malware Infests Popular Pirate Streaming Hardware

You get what you pay for when you pirate content. That's the takeaway from the latest report by Digital Citizens Alliance. It found that pirating hardware, which enables free streaming copyright-protected content, comes packed with malicious...Click to read

MuddyWater APT Hones an Arsenal of Custom Tools

An array of customized attack tools are helping the MuddyWater advanced persistent threat (APT) group to successfully exfiltrate data from its governmental and telco targets in the Middle East, an analysis of this toolset reveals a moderately...Click to read

Windows Security Update Caused Recent Antivirus Conflicts and Freezes

According to an updated McAfee support bulletin, a Windows security update for the Windows Client Server Run-Time Subsystem (CSRSS) service appears to have caused the recent conflicts between enterprise antivirus software and Windows. On April 9th,...Click to read

Docker Hub Breach Exposes 190K Users

Docker Hub has suffered a major security breach exposing around 190,000 accounts, the firm revealed to its users over the weekend. According to an email to customers shared online, the world's largest container image library discovered unauthorized...Click to read

Vulnerable Confluence Servers Get Infected with Ransomware, Trojans

A critical Atlassian Confluence Server vulnerability is being remotely exploited by attackers to compromise both Linux and Windows servers, allowing them to drop GandCrab ransomware and the Dofloo (aka AES.DDoS, Mr. Black) Trojan. Trend Micro...Click to read

Old Vulnerabilities Are Still Good Tricks for Today's Attacks

The value of a security vulnerability drops significantly the moment it gets patched but the bad guys will keep exploiting it for as long as they can find victims that are worth the effort. According to a report today, the most exploited security...Click to read

Magecart Skimming Code Found on GitHub

Security experts are warning e-commerce site webmasters to be prepared for more Magecart attacks after spotting skimming code uploaded to a GitHub page. The hex-encoded piece of JavaScript code was uploaded on April 20 by user "momo33333," who had...Click to read

Russian hackers allegedly infiltrated Florida voter systems

Russian hackers gained access to one of Florida's electoral systems, to the extent that they were in a position to change voter roll data, according to the US senator for Florida. During an interview with The New York Times, Marco Rubio said that...Click to read

Researchers warn of unpatched vulnerability in Oracle WebLogic Server

Several security companies have detected scans over the past week that look for Oracle WebLogic servers vulnerable to a flaw that hasn't yet been patched, possibly in preparation for malicious attacks. The vulnerability is a deserialization bug that...Click to read