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What is Enterprise Risk Management?

Enterprise risk management is a discipline that provides leaders with tools and frameworks for identifying, evaluating, monitoring and controlling the range of risks that could interfere with their organization’s objectives. These risks may be strategic, operational, financial, regulatory or legal. According to COSO, the benefits of enterprise risk management include a reduction in surprise events and related losses, improved capital allocation, better planning and decision-making, improved ability to deal with uncertainty, and much more.

Cadre can provide organizations with a holistic picture of the risks facing the business and help advance an enterprise risk management program.

  • Reduce the likelihood and impact of negative events, lost opportunities and surprises while improving a business’s ability to meet its goals and objectives

  • Gain the ability to better prioritize risks across the business, more efficiently deploy resources to address the most critical problems, and elevate enterprise risk management as a new source of competitive advantage

  • Realize efficiencies that free up an organization's risk management team to focus on more important issues than program administration

  • Strengthen the effectiveness of an enterprise risk management program by assuring that risk data is accurate and complete, and business unit managers are taking responsibility for their risks and internal controls

  • Standardize the risk management program across an enterprise and establish a common language, measurement approach and rating scales

Cadre can enhance the engagement and capabilities of business units in the process of identifying, evaluating, monitoring and managing enterprise risks.

Improve Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management is becoming progressively more difficult to identify, evaluate and manage. Business risk information is commonly spread across siloed systems, creating volatility and instability within a business environment.  Cadre enables our clients the ability to appropriately and proactively view, understand and address risks facing their enterprise.

Enterprise & Operational Risk Management
Enterprise and Operational Risk Management allows clients to gain a clear and consolidated view of risks across their business. Data can be accumulated from segregated risk repositories which advances a risk management team’s ability to identify, assess, evaluate, treat and monitor risks.  The end result is the establishment of a tailored, dependable and standardized process for enterprise risk management, encompassing all operational segments of the business.

IT & Security Risk Management
IT and Security Risk Management provides business discipline, best practices and strategic insight to an organization. It helps companies rank the business criticality of assets, identifying and remediating security deficiencies, as well as detecting and responding to cyber attacks. This is accomplished by establishing, monitoring, communicating and automating, enterprise wide security policies and standards.

Regulatory & Corporate Compliance Management
Regulatory & Corporate Compliance Management enables organizations to minimize regulatory compliance risks and establish a sustainable, repeatable and auditable regulatory compliance program. It allows clients to prioritize compliance activities, document the impact of regulations on the business and gain a clear view of compliance across the enterprise.

Business Resiliency
Business Resiliency empowers organizations with the ability to swiftly anticipate and respond to crisis situations within an organization. Organizations can establish detailed business continuity and disaster recovery plans. Business Resiliency provides a centralized repository which allows organizations to document critical business processes, assets and supporting infrastructure.

Third Party Governance
Third Party Governance mitigates third-party risks by streamlining and automating the oversight of vendor relationships across the business. Third Party Governance provides best practices as it relates to third-party lifecycle, monitoring and performance across an organization.

Cadre Risk Management Practice
Cadre Risk Management Practice delivers strategic consulting services that assist organizations with the optimization of their enterprise risk management program. Cadre also offers staff augmentation and support services to help plan, implement, deploy and upgrade Risk Management and GRC solutions.


Technology can be complicated. Our goal is to simplify the business of security.

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