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Tuesday, June 25th


11:00 AM EST



Beating the Enemy at Phishing with KnowBe4 and Cadre

When it comes to cyber security, making the headlines is rarely a good thing. Security awareness and Phishing are the top threats facing organizations all over the world. In fact, almost every high profile breach you’ve read about in national headlines over the past decade has included a phishing component.

Join Cadre and KnowBe4’s “Beating the enemy at Phishing” webinar.

You will learn:

- Security awareness best practices and improving security awareness program effectiveness
- How to help your employees make smarter security decisions
- How to define Phishing trends and common attacks

To make sure it doesn’t happen to your organization, register today!  Let us provide you steps on how to create an effective Security Awareness program and run a free Phishing security test to see where you stand.

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