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 April 17th Keynote Speaker

Martin Roesch
Chief Technology Officer

Martin Roesch founded Sourcefire in 2001 and serves as its Chief Technology Officer. A respected authority on intrusion detection and prevention technology and forensics, he is responsible for the technical direction and product development efforts. Martin, who has 17 years industry experience in network security and embedded systems engineering, is also the author and lead developer of the Snort Intrusion Detection System ( that forms the foundation for the Sourcefire product suite.

See Everything on Your Network

Mr. Roesch will discuss how it is possible with real-time network security monitoring—combining passive network discovery, network flow analysis, and targeted vulnerability scanning—for network security professionals to get a timely and full picture of their network. Whether for an entire enterprise or for an enclave in a specific region, building, or department, network security professionals need to continuously see—

  • Unusual or suspicious traffic patterns and composition cause by crimeware
  • Network asset profiles including operating systems and versions, services and versions, ports, MAC and IP addresses, and security vulnerabilities
  • Newly added, changed, and behaviorally anomalous assets
  • When a network security measure fails

—so that they can take the appropriate action.  No matter how much you have spent on network security, something malicious is going to get on your network.  Learn how seeing everything on your network puts you in a much better position to handle that inevitable situation.

Check Point Breakout Session Speaker

Brian McInerney
Regional Sales Manager
Endpoint Security Solutions
Check Point Software

Brian McInerney has been in sales and product management with Xerox Corporation (15 yrs), then BEA Systems (5 yrs), and the last 4+ years with Pointsec sales and marketing. Mr. McInerney has an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University.

 Check Point Breakout Session Speaker

Tony SabajTony Sabaj
SE Manager/SE Strategic Accounts
Check Point

Tony Sabaj is currently the SE Manager for the Illinois and Wisconsin Area at Check Point Software. Tony has been at Check Point for six years as the SE for Strategic Accounts where he has been responsible for developing security solutions for some of the largest organizations based in the Midwest and presenting solutions at many industry events. Prior to joining Check Point, Tony was a Product Manager for a Managed Security Service Provider in Chicago and also spent five years working at Arthur Andersen's Firmwide Information Security Group.

 Nokia Breakout Session Speaker

Greg SmithGreg Smith
Sr. Product Manager

Greg Smith is a veteran at Nokia with almost 10 years in the Network Security Products Division.  He has driven several key projects in roles ranging from Sr. Systems Analyst to Sr. Engineering Manager.  As a Sr. Product Manager, Mr. Smith is now responsible for the IP Security management and connectivity product lines. 

Most notably, Mr. Smith defined the Messaging Security category for Nokia and is the author of over 12 patents in Network Security.  For these efforts, he was awarded the Milleniuim Inventor award in 2001 from Nokia for his extensive contribution to the company’s intellectual property.  Mr. Smith began his professional career in the military, working on ARPANET and network security on many top secret projects. After the military, Mr. Smith specialized in Defense Contracts such as Star Wars and Rail Garrison before joining Nokia.

 Nokia Breakout Session Speaker

Hemendra GodboleHemendra Godbole
Sr. Product Manager

Hemendra Godoble has over 18 years of industry experience at Intel, IBM, Sun, Spirent, Extreme and Nokia, including over six years in Network Security. As Sr. Product Manager for Nokia’s IPS Solutions, Hemendra has responsibility for all aspects of the business and product growth including managing the OEM partnership aspects with SourceFIRE. Hemendra joined Nokia in early 2006, and came to Nokia last serving as Director, Security Solutions at Extreme Networks.

Hemendra began his professional work designing microprocessors at Intel and IBM, transitioned to Product Management at Sun Microsystems, and picked up security performance testing expertise at Spirent and Extreme. Hemendra also represented Extreme Networks in the VOIP Security Association (

In addition, he has been an invited speaker at RSA 2005 (Japan), RSA 2007 (San Francisco), and invited to speak at RSA, London in Oct’07. Hemendra has also been an invited speaker at four SANSFIRE events ( in the USA and Network+Interop 2005 in Las Vegas, USA .

Hemendra earned a BSEE from IIT Bombay, MSECE from Oregon State University, and a MS/Engineering Management from Stanford University.

 Solsoft Breakout Session Speaker

Domenick Lionetti
VP Security Strategy

Domenick Lionetti has 15 years in Information Security, starting in the US NAVY in Cryptography. His security experience covers transport to application layer communications. He has worked closely with Network and Security teams of Fortune 500 Enterprise, Government and the top 10 service providers across the globe to understand and design security solutions for their networks. Mr. Lionetti has multiple degrees in Electronics Technology, Marketing and EMBA in Finance.

 Aruba Networks Breakout Session Speaker

Jon Green
Director of Product Marketing
Aruba Networks

Jon Green is head of product marketing for Aruba Networks. With more than 15 years of experience in design, operation, consulting, and product development in the internetworking space, his current interests are focused on the next generation of mobile network technology that will more effectively connect people with information. Jon has published a number of papers and speaks often on topics including mobility, wireless, and network security. Prior to joining Aruba in 2003, his experience included a variety of technical consulting and engineering positions at companies including Bay Networks, Shasta/Nortel Networks, Atrica, and Foundry Networks. He holds a BS in Information Technology from Western Governor's University, is a licensed commercial pilot, and has produced a number of award-winning wines.

 Cyber-Ark Breakout Session Speaker

David Adamczyk
Channel Sales Manager

David has seven years experience working with large enterprises in the areas of security, software, and networking. Formerly, he was a Software Support Engineer and Service Account manager with Sun Microsystems working directly with their enterprise customers. David holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Providence College in Rhode Island as well as a Masters Degree in Business Administration from Northeastern University in Boston.

 Juniper Breakout Session Speaker

Todd Hathaway
Systems Engineer
Juniper Networks, Inc.

Todd Hathaway is currently a Systems Engineer with Juniper Networks, Inc.  Since joining Juniper in mid-2006, Todd has been involved in more than 75 Network and Security projects with large customers across the Great Lakes Region.  Customers attribute his strength in the field to his proven ability to blend technology with the business drivers and assist his clients in solving business problems first and technology problems second.

Prior to Juniper, Todd has 10 years focused in the Network and Security arena.  His current vendor experience is preceded by employment experience on both the enterprise customer side (Key Bank and Bank One) and the systems integrator/reseller (KPMG and IST, Inc.) side of the business.  This background gives him a holistic view of the network technology market space and allows him to better match technical solutions with business problems.  Todd holds a Bachelors of Business Administration in Management Information Systems from Texas A&M University.

 McAfee Breakout Session Speaker

Andrew J. Berkuta
Senior Security Evangelist/Strategist and Executive Liaison
McAfee, Inc.

Andrew Berkuta is a Senior Security Evangelist / Strategist and executive liaison for McAfee, Inc., leaders in comprehensive security solutions, and thought leadership, and is the Chairman of the Advisory Board for the World Summit on Intrusion Prevention (WSIP) and IntrusionWorld.

Andrew consults regularly with executives and clients from a unique customer’s prospective. Andrew is McAfee’s dynamic and passionate speaker who frequently speaks at keynotes, partner events, and professional conferences. Andrew is well versed on various security concepts, trends, and techniques, and presents with business as the focus.

Prior to joining the McAfee Security team, he was a Network and Physical Security Director in the mortgage industry for HomeBanc Mortgage Corporation, started three ( 3) companies - including one not for profit company. He was a manager of a unique proof of concept lab and independent Cisco Lab,and has a diverse consulting background that spans more than 20 years in companies such as Equifax, Georgia Pacific, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, American Cyanamid/Lederle Labs, and The Family Channel.

Andrew studied Computer Science at Pennsylvania State University, and graduated from Temple University with a Bachelors degree in Computer Information Science. He obtained various industry certifications such as CNE, MCSE, VCSE, and CISSP.

 Palo Alto Networks Breakout Session Speaker

Lee Klarich
Vice President, Product Management
Palo Alto Networks

Lee Klarich brings a strong track record in network security product management to Palo Alto Networks. Lee was Director of Product Management for Juniper Networks, where was he responsible for firewall/VPN platforms and software. He joined Juniper Networks through the NetScreen Technologies acquisition, where he managed the same product line. Prior to NetScreen Technologies, Lee held various positions at Excite@Home and Packard Bell-NEC.

 Sophos Breakout Session Speaker

Richard Wang
North America Director

With nearly 10 years of experience at Sophos, Richard is widely known as an expert in the field of Threat Research. Within the industry, Richard is frequently looked at to provide insight and analysis on the latest and greatest threats in today's security environment.

 Cadre Breakout Session Speaker

Paul E. Griggs
Security Engineer
Cadre Information Security

Paul joined the Cadre Security Services team in April of 2007 with a strong IT audit and management consulting background.

A seasoned professional, Paul has nearly 20 years in the IT industry, with almost half that experience focused on IT security and controls. Paul’s deep exposure to a wide variety of IT infrastructures accounts for his detailed knowledge regarding a variety of platform and network controls, including AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, Windows, TCP/IP, switches/routers, firewalls, IDS/IPS systems, and application layer gateways.

 Cadre Breakout Session Speaker

Jefri Hillon
Security Engineer
Cadre Information Security

Jefri Hillon joined the Cadre Security Services team in February of 2006. Since then, he has emerged as key engineer responsible for delivering creative and practical solutions for successful consulting projects.

Jefri has 5+ years in the IT industry focused primarily on Information Security. He has a myriad of security and networking experience including extensive work with intrusion detection and prevention, firewalls, VPNs, application layer gateways, vulnerability assessment and remediation, and log consolidation and correlation.

Jefri has a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from the University of Tennessee.

 Cadre Breakout Session Speaker

Eric Ratermann
Senior Security Engineer
Cadre Information Security

Eric Ratermann is a Senior Security Engineer at Cadre. Since joining the organization in 2003, Mr. Ratermann has become a key figure in delivering successful consulting projects and developing new services. Mr. Ratermann’s ten years of experience in enterprise IT environments provide a solid foundation in delivering practical solution. Mr. Ratermann has extensive experience in security and network solutions including firewalls, intrusion prevention, anti-virus, VPN, vulnerability assessment and remediation.

 Omnicare Breakout Session Speaker

Dan Thomas
Chief Security Officer (CSO) and Chief Privacy Officer

Dan Thomas is Chief Security Officer (CSO) and Chief Privacy Officer for Omnicare, Inc., the nations leading provider of pharmaceutical care for the elderly. Omnicare (Stock Symbol: OCR) is a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical and medical supply services company based out of Covington, KY. Dan has been Omnicare's Chief Information Security Officer for the past three years and has recently assumed responsibilities as Chief Privacy Officer as well.

Dan graduated from Xavier University with a BSBA in Management Information Systems (MIS) and an MBA in Finance. He served up to the rank of Captain, responsible for the deployment of secure satellite, microwave line-of-site and electronic switching services, for the U. S. Army's elite 101st Airborne Division (AASLT). As Communications and Electronics Security officer, he was responsible for deploying all Division communication assets to Saudi Arabia in support of Operation: Desert Storm.

After leaving the service, Dan went to work with Deloitte and Touché as an Information Technology consultant for the middle market manufacturing and construction industries. After Deloitte and Touché, he went to Emerson Power Transmission (EPT), the largest subsidiary of Emerson Electric, to manage global voice and data telecommunications for their North American operations. At Makino, Inc., Dan was responsible for the design and implementation of all voice, data and video telecommunications and systems, in support of a $75M infrastructure expansion. He also was responsible for network and hardware systems supporting a $14M SAP implementation. After Makino, he hired on with Omnicare as the Director of Software Development.

He and his wife Diane live in Mason, OH and have five children. They are Allison and Gerry (7), Julia and Claire (5), and Marie (3).